Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Life in Macro

You probably guessed it, this weeks theme is Macro. And fortunately for me I recently received a great Canon Macro lens as a Christmas gift from my dad, stepmom and grandpa. All of the flower pictures were taken with this new lens. Pretty cliche for a macro picture, but I do enjoy trying to get just the right angle and the right lighting to capture the beauty of the flowers.
This one is of my cat Plato. I was attempting to get a shot of his tongue. Have you ever seen a cats tongue up close? They are rather strange looking and I took tons of shots of his face while he was grooming himself. However, as you can tell, I had no luck getting a good shot of Plato's tongue. This is something I will keep working on though because now I am pretty determined to get this shot.
My mother is to blame for this shot. I have a terrible fear of spiders, but she called me outside one day to show me the giant spider in the back yard. I am impressed about how close I was able to get this spider to get this shot. I was a little creeped out, but later that day the spider disappeared and never returned so the timing was rather impeccable.

I have a large collection of FD lenses for my Canon AE-1 camera. I have an adapter to attach these lenses to my DSLR and this is one of the shots from a Tamron zoom lens with macro capabilities. This project is really helping make use of all the lenses I have in my arsenal.

Keep tuned, next weeks theme is change!

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