Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a tease!

Sorry for the excessive lateness in my updates! School, work and searching for internships has been keeping me extremely busy the past couple of months. Fortunately I have continued to take pictures, but unfortunately I do not have a completed theme to post, just multiple semi-completed themes. However, here is a tease of what I have been working on...
Spring Poppies! (From Spring Themed week)

Plato "underneath" the covers (From underneath themed week)

Maki Yaki Sushi (No theme)

Saki Bombs (No Theme)

It was spicy, but delicious (No Theme)

CSUF Creativity (People Watching)    

I have a lot of side projects in the works as well. Some of the pictures here are from those. "Food" tends to be a big one. I find that when I go out, the dishes are presented so beautifully it is hard not to take pictures.  "People watching" is another project. This one is great because it gets me out in the world and taking pictures of the oddities I see throughout the day. Being at CSUF 5 days a week gives me great inspiration. I may throw some of these picture in now and gain to fill in any gaps there may be between posts. For now, enjoy this little tease :)