Sunday, January 30, 2011


Originally I was not too optimistic about this week and how these pictures were going to turn out. It was my first week back to school, which was a lot of my motivation. Some of my ideas for the pictures seemed pretty mundane, but I think they turned out alright (or at least most of them). I am sure there will be many more weeks like this, but I must remember for the purpose of this project, to take pictures. Each picture does not have to be a masterpiece, but it should make me use my camera. And that is what I have done here. Enjoy!

I think the new car, empty apartment and filled moving truck explain themselves, however the pictures of Plato may not be self-explanatory. Alan and Plato have recently moved to be with me. For Plato this is a big change, he has been discovering new things that he has never seen before and I felt it only appropriate to showcase two of his adorable pictures :) In the one below he meets a grasshopper.

The start of the Spring Semester calls for new books and new notebooks. Although this is a small sampling of my books, I figured everyone can guess what I am getting my masters in...

What is a bigger change than a birthday?!?! You become a whole new number! Modeling her adorable birthdayness is my sweet Kennadie Hope! Accompanied by one of my dearest and oldest friends Marley! Love these two!!!
Next weeks theme is sleep, expect many pictures of fuzzy sleeping cuteness (and yes, Plato will make his presence well known next week.) Until then I may post more pictures from Kennadies Bday party, if I can find time between classes and the reading I am already behind on!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A strange visitor in my car...

As I got into my car today after taking pictures of a beautiful blooming tree, I heard a noise to my left. I look over and there is a bee trying with all its might to get through my car window to the outer world. After making a less-than-dainty noise I decide the best way to not be stung is to pull over and roll down my window. To my surprise the little bee no longer wanted to fly away once the window was open. Having just taken photos my camera was sitting on the passenger seat, perfectly ready to take some shots of my new friend. After a jogger came by and scared me half to death the bee flew away.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Life in Macro

You probably guessed it, this weeks theme is Macro. And fortunately for me I recently received a great Canon Macro lens as a Christmas gift from my dad, stepmom and grandpa. All of the flower pictures were taken with this new lens. Pretty cliche for a macro picture, but I do enjoy trying to get just the right angle and the right lighting to capture the beauty of the flowers.
This one is of my cat Plato. I was attempting to get a shot of his tongue. Have you ever seen a cats tongue up close? They are rather strange looking and I took tons of shots of his face while he was grooming himself. However, as you can tell, I had no luck getting a good shot of Plato's tongue. This is something I will keep working on though because now I am pretty determined to get this shot.
My mother is to blame for this shot. I have a terrible fear of spiders, but she called me outside one day to show me the giant spider in the back yard. I am impressed about how close I was able to get this spider to get this shot. I was a little creeped out, but later that day the spider disappeared and never returned so the timing was rather impeccable.

I have a large collection of FD lenses for my Canon AE-1 camera. I have an adapter to attach these lenses to my DSLR and this is one of the shots from a Tamron zoom lens with macro capabilities. This project is really helping make use of all the lenses I have in my arsenal.

Keep tuned, next weeks theme is change!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So it begins again, I am starting another 365 Project. However, this time I am doing objects vs. the self-portraits I attempted last time. Hopefully this will help keep me fresh and always looking for something interesting to shoot. I found this great excel spreadsheet from a photography forum I follow. It has supplied me with an idea of weekly themes to follow. Which is great! I will change a few of them, but it is nice having something already laid out for me, especially when I seem to have lost a muse about 6 months in. So far I have three weeks finished, week 1-newness, week 2-cold, and week 3 breakfast. Here are a few of the following (week 1 and week 2 are strangely similar, but that is because I was spending the week up in Tahoe!)

Fresh Snow!

Used my new Canon Macro lens for this shot!

Can't be considered a cold winter without a fire in the cabin and a snowman outside!

This is my typical breakfast, a cup of tea and a banana. It makes me feel energized and awake without being loaded down. This is a perfect meal :)