Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So it begins again, I am starting another 365 Project. However, this time I am doing objects vs. the self-portraits I attempted last time. Hopefully this will help keep me fresh and always looking for something interesting to shoot. I found this great excel spreadsheet from a photography forum I follow. It has supplied me with an idea of weekly themes to follow. Which is great! I will change a few of them, but it is nice having something already laid out for me, especially when I seem to have lost a muse about 6 months in. So far I have three weeks finished, week 1-newness, week 2-cold, and week 3 breakfast. Here are a few of the following (week 1 and week 2 are strangely similar, but that is because I was spending the week up in Tahoe!)

Fresh Snow!

Used my new Canon Macro lens for this shot!

Can't be considered a cold winter without a fire in the cabin and a snowman outside!

This is my typical breakfast, a cup of tea and a banana. It makes me feel energized and awake without being loaded down. This is a perfect meal :)

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