Friday, December 30, 2011


This was the cake placed at the Bride and Grooms table
As I hinted in a previous post my Aunt is a highly gifted cake maker. She is starting her own business and I could not be any more proud of her! She did all of the cakes at my sister's wedding. She did the extravagant main cake for eating and then she developed multiple cakes for the centerpieces. Below are all of the cakes that were present at the wedding...

These are handmade flowers. My Aunt made every single one, and there were over 1000!

The towering main cake!

More handmade flowers

The cake creator!
Each cake was more amazing then the next. Want to know the greatest part about these? They are Faux cakes. Each cake has a layer of real cake, while the remaining layers are made of Styrofoam. Why is this desirable? Well it keeps the price of the cake down to Brides are able to have their dream cake, without paying an arm and a leg. These Cakes were made by Catherine of Faux Real Cakes based in Las Vegas, Nevada for the wedding of Meghan and Kalem Brock.

If you are interested in more information on these cakes get in contact with me and I will get you in contact with Catherine of Faux Real Cakes!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Wedding to Remeber...

In October my older sister got married, follow her blog here. Although I was not the designated photographer for the wedding I could not help myself and had to get shots of the amazingness that was the Noel-Brock wedding.

These gorgeous shoes were made by our very gifted Aunt Kak

It was a wonderful wedding! Stay tuned for the pictures of the wedding cakes, yes, plural with an "S." These will be some of the most amazing cakes you will ever see.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching up

I feel that in life I am always playing the "catch up" game. The moment the semester ends I am busy organizing the house, deep cleaning (which has been needed since the summer months), and now updating the blog. I have pictures from ages ago that I am really want to showcase. They may seem a bit out of order (because they are) but if you take them for what they are, moments captured in time, they are pictures I wanted to share... the above photos are from my sister's engagement session. Such a beautiful couple. My sister has a really great fashion blog, here. You should totally check it out :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Ever heard of a Chocolate party? I was fortunate enough to attend one awhile back and was enveloped in chocolatey goodness. Our hostess was oh-so-sweet, but she did push the option of hosting our own party a bit much. However, with all the delicious samples I was willing to sit through the many selling shenanigans. The first item on the sample list was a chocolate martini. Although I only had a tiny bit since the main ingredient was milk, something which my body decided along time ago that it no longer wanted to process, it was delicious!!!
Our party leader
Edible plastic chocolate decorations
Some of the martini fixings

Amazing chocolate mousse in fresh strawberries! By far my favorite sample of the evening

Ashlee, Me and Elysia (our host)

Chai tea dip on a green apple, my second favorite snack of the evening

Meatballs covered in a chocolate bbq sauce, more strange than anything

The edible chocolate decorators
 Although I bought nothing that evening, I am tempted at this moment to go and order some of that mousse and chai tea dip...yum!

October Weddings

As I step up my game in the world of photography I knew there was only one way to continue to improve my skills, by taking pictures of people. Seeing as how I LOVE weddings I was more than enthusiastic to shoot the wedding of my sister's friend. She was going for a vintage and romantic look. All the decorations for the wedding were put together by the bride and groom, with some help from family and friends. I was so happy and grateful to be apart of their special day...