Monday, December 26, 2011

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Ever heard of a Chocolate party? I was fortunate enough to attend one awhile back and was enveloped in chocolatey goodness. Our hostess was oh-so-sweet, but she did push the option of hosting our own party a bit much. However, with all the delicious samples I was willing to sit through the many selling shenanigans. The first item on the sample list was a chocolate martini. Although I only had a tiny bit since the main ingredient was milk, something which my body decided along time ago that it no longer wanted to process, it was delicious!!!
Our party leader
Edible plastic chocolate decorations
Some of the martini fixings

Amazing chocolate mousse in fresh strawberries! By far my favorite sample of the evening

Ashlee, Me and Elysia (our host)

Chai tea dip on a green apple, my second favorite snack of the evening

Meatballs covered in a chocolate bbq sauce, more strange than anything

The edible chocolate decorators
 Although I bought nothing that evening, I am tempted at this moment to go and order some of that mousse and chai tea dip...yum!

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