Sunday, January 30, 2011


Originally I was not too optimistic about this week and how these pictures were going to turn out. It was my first week back to school, which was a lot of my motivation. Some of my ideas for the pictures seemed pretty mundane, but I think they turned out alright (or at least most of them). I am sure there will be many more weeks like this, but I must remember for the purpose of this project, to take pictures. Each picture does not have to be a masterpiece, but it should make me use my camera. And that is what I have done here. Enjoy!

I think the new car, empty apartment and filled moving truck explain themselves, however the pictures of Plato may not be self-explanatory. Alan and Plato have recently moved to be with me. For Plato this is a big change, he has been discovering new things that he has never seen before and I felt it only appropriate to showcase two of his adorable pictures :) In the one below he meets a grasshopper.

The start of the Spring Semester calls for new books and new notebooks. Although this is a small sampling of my books, I figured everyone can guess what I am getting my masters in...

What is a bigger change than a birthday?!?! You become a whole new number! Modeling her adorable birthdayness is my sweet Kennadie Hope! Accompanied by one of my dearest and oldest friends Marley! Love these two!!!
Next weeks theme is sleep, expect many pictures of fuzzy sleeping cuteness (and yes, Plato will make his presence well known next week.) Until then I may post more pictures from Kennadies Bday party, if I can find time between classes and the reading I am already behind on!

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