Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is Hodge-Podge at its finest. Every picture is has its own individual flair. I took this week as an opportunity to be free from the constraints of weekly themes. As you will see it took my creativity to somewhat of a "unique" level.
As some of you may know, this picture is not new. It was not even taken this year. But I have always wanted to share this picture of Addie. It was taken her last weekend on this earth. I always meant to take a picture of the heart shape on her forehead, and fortunately I did so I can share with all of you that she really did have a piece of my heart <3

I am trying to bring more people into my photographs. This is my Clinical Psych cohort-my fellow classmates. This was taken on a Saturday during our lunch hour of a day long class on substance abuse.

Cal State Fullerton has artwork spread throughout campus and this is one of the pieces. His eyes remind me the vacant gaze in the creatures from "Fantastic Planet." Not many may know this movie, but this one is a strange, but intriguing cartoon about aliens

One of these things just doesn't belong here, one of them just isn't the same...That was supposed to be sung. Strange buckets in planters in the middle of the road. Not sure how long it has been there, or how long it will stay. I will keep you posted...

Nope, it's not an Easter egg, it's a Potato!!! Thanks to Brian Follick and his stash of rotten potatoes for an interesting game of Potato baseball. Didn't really work out in the sense of baseball, but it was a good opportunity to take pictures.

This is the birthday girl!!! It is only appropriate to make the birthday girl apart of the Hodge-Podge spread. Time to blow out the candles and get another sugar rush from intense amount of delicious frosting on the cake!

The colors were great for this photo! I nearly peed my pants from excitement when I saw the RadioFlyer sitting in the grass on a beautiful 80 degree day.

The original theme of this week was "Spirit." I really was not very motivated by this theme so I took creative liberty to change it. However, this picture was taken before I changed the weekly theme. These are Greek letters representing one of the many Frats on campus. Truly who in college has more spirit and pride than the Greek system?

Next week is "Vegetables." I see alot of cooking in my future to get some colorful and inspiring photographs of some great vegetables. Have a great week!!!

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