Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sorry for the lateness of this post. It took a few days to get just the sleepy shots I wanted. Although the lighting is a bit off in some of these, I have been playing with those settings on my camera and hope to have a good handle on lighting by the end of the year. Self-portraits are difficult to set up when trying to do it in manual. Next time maybe I will stick with automatic:)No matter how big a bed is, Alan's feet will always find their way to the edge.

I look like Casper the friendly ghost in this picture, yikes!!!

The library, a perfect place to nap between classes!

Some find the hallways more soothing...hmmmm

There is a head somewhere in there!

Next week's theme is Body. This is a project I have been wanting to work on for awhile so hopefully it turns out fabulously!

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