Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sorry for the lateness of this blog, I had a rather busy past couple of weeks and this is the first moment I am getting a break. This shoot would have been WAY better with some models. Although Alan sweetly let me annoy him, he had his limits. I plan to take this project even further when I have more time. Possibly between semesters. We shall see.... I have also been experimenting more with photoshop. Usually to adjust bad lighting (stupid flash), hopefully it has not been done too poorly so that it is very obvious.
I just adore the angles of the body! Although it was hard to get my own neck (no tripod used) I think this one encompassed the image I was originally trying to get, which was the hard lines and the strength that is in such a small body part.

Who could forget to take a picture of hands. They make us distinctly unique from the animals. Alan has been doing construction so what would be a better pose (even though he never actually stopped moving) than with tools.

What do you bellybutton!!! Being mid-winter I am extremely white so I thought this would be a great opportunity to adjust the colors of this photo.

Bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves. Alan was involved in a tumble many years ago, but he carries the reminder on his elbow with this large scar.
Toes! What can I say, they help me balance!

I will post again soon. When I find another free moment.


  1. awesome shots! I like your eye :-)

  2. The hands with the pencil is my favorite! It reminds me of a tutorial that we had for school--so professional!! And, of course, your eye looks beautiful!