Monday, August 2, 2010


That should be my tag line. I have an inconsistent personality. Although this has been in the back of my mind, I never had the complete motivation to upload a simple picture. I have taken many, more than necessary, photos and some of them in my oh-so-humble opinion are pretty good. I sit here drinking a delicious bottle of wine and decided tonight would be the night to fill in the gaps from then to now.
The Fourth of July came with a bang. Filled with fireworks and marshmallow fights. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate so the beach was out of the question, but a BBQ at home filled the void.
Alan and I attended the San Diego county fair for the only purpose of trying the intensely fried foods. I think the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich was my favorite while Alan preferred the Deep Fried Klondike Bar.We played games, won odd stuffed animals that will soon be discarded, but the food, people watching and overall environment were a blast. Gotta love carnies!

Summer continues, but only for so long. I end my job in three days and start school in three weeks. At that point who knows how often I will keep up with this, not that I do a good job anyways...

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