Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adventures to Nor Cal

Trips are always enjoyable, especially when you go with your family. I took this opportunity to shoot some photos of our adventures... We explored the mysterious house known as the Winchester Mansion. To this day i keep thinking about this bizarre place. A women who thought building a huge mansion would somehow bring her peace from the spirits haunting her. The outside of this house is massive and amazingly picturesque. However the inside is ominous and oppresive. Crazy turns and doors and rooms and stairways adorn the house, more than necessary. I did get some beautiful pictures in the gardens surrounding the mansion.

Later we had a lovely tea part, hosted by my gorgeous sister Meghan. She did such a lovely job putting it all together.

For Easter Sunday all four of us went into San Francisco and had a lovely lunch at a cute little Irish restuarant and then we explored Union Square. Overall it was a very successful trip for many reasons. I got to spend time with my family and have many photo opportunities.

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