Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New 365...

As a the New Year came, so did my one do things that are good for my soul! This includes becoming better acquainted with my camera, get an overload of animal cuteness by volunteering at my local animal shelter, and become more musical by learning to play the piano.

Although I have tried before (and successfully failed) I am going to attempt to COMPLETE a 365 project. My previous attempt had me taking pictures that revolved around specific themes each week, which became daunting (and not always feasible). So this time around I will take whatever works for me. I have made the decision to take my camera with me every day and try to catch all the mundane things I experience.

Not all of the pictures will be great, but this is a challenge to work on my technique and try and make every picture as amazing as possible!

Enjoy another year filled with sporadic posts!!!

January 1: Alan was very excited about getting a Lava Lamp as a white elephant gift

January 2: I did get weird stares as I took pictures of the bike holders

January 3: Eating healthy

January 4: Even adults lose their toys in trees

January 5: Oslo was added to the clan in April last year

January 6: My Christmas gift!

January 7: Technology (which is the most confusing thing EVER!)

January 8: Home repairs...Home depot is way more fun when you are looking at toilets through a camera lens

January 9: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Need i say more?!?

January 10: The pink tint of sunset on a white building

January 11: Homemade street tacos ( and they were delicious!)

Happy 2014 and I look forward sharing my year with your through my camera.

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