Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Bachelorette party from the past...

My beautiful older sister is getting married in October. In honor of her upcoming nuptials her nearest and dearest friends gathered to honor her with a Madmen themed Bachelorette party! After a rushed morning of getting dressed (or letting others dress me) we headed to San Francisco to get onto our Google tour bus. The bus was rather amazing and the driver was very sweet. And the girls all looked amazing!

Once we were all aboard we headed up to the gorgeous lush land of Sonoma Valley to start our day of wine tasting. Our first stop was Imagery Winery. Although the service was good, the wine was rather lack luster. Both the reds and whites were a little flavorless.

Our second stop was Kenwood Winery. The reds here had a very robust flavor. I purchased a Syrah that was both delicious and reasonably priced. The service here was great! They quickly served our large group and all of our bottles were sold at a discounted price! If I find myself up in Sonoma again I will definitely stop here. 

The third winery we went to was by far the best! It was Cline Wineries and the treatment was phenomenal!  We were given a tour of the winery and the surrounding property, including an adobe and a museum dedicated to the missions of California. We were then sat at picnic tables under the trees and served our tastings paired with cheese and crackers. Each wine was amazing. I left here with two bottles (the plan was to not buy any!) I will recommend to anyone and everyone going wine tasting up in Sonoma.

The day was interspersed with portraits and great shots of the gorgeous flowers, but those will be added in another post. The night ended at a great little Italian restaurant and then to a hotel that was not too accommodating. Such a fabulous day!

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  1. Woah, this is awesome!!!! When I saw the group photo of you guys, it was really a blast from the past! So great :-D